Technologies and products.

About CIS

CIS Sp. z o.o. is a company with long history of operation and a producer of flexible polyurethane foams. Owing to advanced technological solutions, our products meet all currently applicable quality standards and are widely used in many industries. Follow the current market trends by using our specialist systems controlling the polymerisation process involving a wide range of polyurethane polyols.

Even the most demanding clients will be satisfied with our state-of-the art machine park. We offer a wide selection of foams sold in blocks, shapes, moulds, formats, planks, compressed foam, etc.

All our plant processes are streamlined/optimised for quality improvement for the sake of quality, cost-efficiencies and ecology. Benefiting from the experience of our staff, we offer consulting in application of different types of foam.

Technologies and products.

Owing to their special physicomechanical properties, polyurethane foams are widely applied in many industries, including the furniture production, automotive industry, construction and many other.

TDI based PUR foam blocks are produced on high-pressure continuous foaming line. Only preselected raw materials from leading global providers met highest quality standards. After curing process foams are prepared for the clients. With wide range of equipment CIS offers foams in blocks, planks, shapes, formats and others.

All foams are lab tested for physical and mechanical properties according to current standards. High quality assured by approvals and certificates.