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Polyurethanes are encountered in many areas of contemporary life. These are polymers with a wide variety of industrial applications, because they make it possible to combine flexibility with mechanical robustness and resistance to wear and tear.

Basic raw materials used in manufacturing flexible polyurethane foams include isocyanates, polyesters/polyethers containing free hydroxyl groups, as well as catalysts, foaming agents, surface-active compounds, pigments, sometimes fillers and other auxiliary agents.

In order to ensure top quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing process, we carefully select all components.

CIS flexible polyurethane foam is produced by means of high-pressure foaming system. Chemical reactions occurring along the production line are controlled by catalysts dispensed in precisely defined quantities and they induce growth of foam and its transition from liquid phase to solid phase. Following a number of chemical processes, foam achieves its ultimate dimensions. The production stage along the foaming line is followed by the stage of foam ripening in the seasoning facility, to ensure final cross-linking.

Ripe blocks of polyurethane foam are mechanically processed, mainly by cutting performed with suitable equipment. Depending on the cutting technology the final products come in a variety of forms, such as panels designed for upholstering, cut-to-shape components, roll-up panels, profiles, contour profiles.

All CIS foams are tested (for physical and mechanical parameters) in accordance with applicable standards, or in accordance with standards and methods defined by Customer. Foams forwarded for sales and further processing must comply with parameters specified by the company.

Hygienic properties of CIS foams are approved by the Toxicology Unit at the Medical University of Gdańsk, and the relevant certificate confirms safety of our products.