CIS Pianka - Zakład Produkcyjny Pianki Poliuretanowej

CIS Sp. z o.o. Pogwizdów 155, 37-126 Medynia Głogowska tel. +48 17 772 67 41

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CIS Sp. z o.o.
Pogwizdów 155
37-126 Medynia Głogowska
phone numbers:
+48 17 7726741
+48 17 7726743
+48 17 7726744
+48 17 7726742

About the firm

CIS is a Polish company with many years of experience in manufacturing polyurethane foams. Launched in 1992, it has operated as a limited liability company since 2007. Thanks to systematic and continuously implemented changes and investments the company has achieved a stable and strong position among manufacturers of polyurethane foams.

In response to the requirements of the market we regularly adjust the catalogue of products on offer and modernize both methods of production and management system to ensure top quality of our products.

Because of this we are a reliable business partner.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!